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David's Biography

David was born in Southern Taiwan. He made his violin-making debut at a very tender age of eight by putting together without assiatance a functional fiddle after watching Heifetz on the movies at the American Library near his home. His serious attempt to study violin acoustics began in 1979 with the help of a luthier, late Daniel Babiak in Edmonton. He has been building violins since, producing on the average four violins per year and travelling extensively to the violin making centers in Europe. As an acid test to his work, he entered a violin at the Violin Makers Association of British Columbia Competition in 1982 and captured the first prize. One of his instrument, a Baroque violin, is now used by a performing musician in Amsterdam.

In addition to tuning the low frequency free plate vibration modes, he carefully selects certain types of wood for his violins. He continues to search that elusive Holly Grail of violin tone.

David was taught to play the violin by Siludette O'Connor (Edmonton), Inga Granovskaya (Winnipeg), Donna Grescoe (Richmond, B.C.), and Olga Frolova (Moscow). As a life-long learning process, he pracitses regularly. David, a Ph.D. Materials Scientist by profession, is enjoying reading cosmology and the elementary particle theories as a hobby. He belongs to one of those very rare species of male flamenco dancers. On nice days, he would take his hang glider to the flight park and soar to the cloud base under the prairie sky.