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Copy the Essence of Stradivari

Many copyists put a great deal of effort to copy the external cosmetics in great details of old violins, particularly Stradivari and Guarneri. Unfortunately, they could not copy the sound. We endeavor to reproduce the acoustics of Strad, starting from drawing the model on a sheet of paper using a ruler and a compass and applying the ancient geometry called golden section, followed by careful selection of wood, external shape, thickness of the plates and the undercoating laid below the colored varnish. By designing a system of construction method, we are able to re-create the essential structural features of Strad and its tonal characteristics. All our violins are made with hand tools at very affordable prices. Please click the "for sale" section to see what's available. You can also contact us to address your personal need. (Top photo shows a violin with ground coatings applied and ready to be varnished.Bottom photo, a small violin completed in March 04 for personal use.)


tsengd at hotmail dot com (The spammers' program cannot read this address.)

New violins can be either hand delivered or sent by couriers.

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